The Vibe of the Triumphal Entry

Traditionally seen as the start of Easter, this is the event where Jesus rides into town like the hero in a Spaghetti Western. Only he’s not riding a horse, he’s on a donkey. Still, the crowd aren’t phased by his lack of firepower and they lay their coats on the ground before him and wave the branches of palm trees as he passes. Utterly convinced that Jesus and his donkey are going to overthrow Rome, the disappointment among Jews when he fails to deliver is huge. Not only is Jesus no military leader, he gets the crowd’s backs up by claiming to be the Son of God, a vibe which leads to his ultimate downfall. However, Jesus has the last word when Rome does eventually fall to the Christians some three hundred years later. A triumph, albeit a delayed one.

General vibe of the Triumphal Entry: The beginning of the end.

Factvibe: In Jewish tradition, palm branches were associated with triumph and victory.
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