The Vibe of the Valley of the Dry Bones

The Dry Bones have got a foot tapping singalong vibe to them. Ezekiel is taken to a valley which is littered with human bones. What starts as a bit of a graveyard vibe becomes an all action Academy Award winning special effects extravaganza. Urged on by God, Ezekiel tells the bones to come alive and after lots of loud rattling, the bones join together in anatomically correct fashion. With God in his ear, Ezekiel continues the choreography as sinews, flesh and skin cover the skeletons. Finally, a divine wind blows breath into the bodies and they get to their feet, a vast army of living people. The vibe is that this is a metaphor - many of the captives in Babylon think that Israel is dead and buried but God is promising to bring the nation back to life. A reassuring vibe with a nice bit of showbiz thrown in.

General vibe of the Valley of the Dry Bones: The kneebone's connected to the...

Factvibe: The song ‘Dem Bones’ was first written down in 1925.
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