The Vibe of Thessalonians

The relief is tangible in Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians. There’s been an ugly vibe in Thessalonica and the church is under threat from Jews who are jealous that some people who showed an interest in Judaism are now converting to Christianity instead. Happily, news has arrived that the church is thriving. The general vibe of the letter is one of praise and encouragement. However, there are some weak points and Paul taps a teacherly cane at the blackboard and reminds people that they should exercise love and self control in sexual matters and shouldn’t fall into the trap of killing time until Jesus returns. Instead, Paul tells them to get back to business as usual. He offers reassurance to people whose loved ones have died already – the ones who believed in God will be the first to be raised from the dead when Jesus returns. The second letter has a similar vibe and offers further encouragement to the Thessalonican Christians to stand firm in the face of people who want to crush them. Paul hints at the mother of all baddies who he calls ‘The Wicked One’ who will need to show up before Jesus can come down and save the day. And until that day comes, Christians shouldn’t slack off. There’s work to do.

General vibe of Thessalonians: Stand firm.
Factvibe: The two letters to the Thessalonians are the oldest vibes in the New Testament, completed little over twenty years after the death of Jesus.
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