The Vibe of Titus

Titus shares much of the same vibes as Timothy. Different town, same story. Titus is on the island of Crete and has the job of finding leaders to look after the church there. He’s faced with the same kind of spiritual halfwits that Timothy has had to deal with in Ephesus and Paul dishes out the same advice as he always does – tick them off and show them the truth about Jesus by being a good example. Paul offers some advice to give old people – be sensible, self controlled and stay off the booze. The vibe he offers young people is for the women to love their children and husbands and for the men to exercise self control. Slaves are also bundled in to this vibe, they have to obey their masters and not be an embarrassment to God by being cheeky or dishonest. Our past is our past, Paul says and our future is one of happiness through the vibes of self control and godliness. Paul reminds us that it is God’s love and not anything we have done that has saved us from our old life. Finally we should avoid pointless arguments and live useful lives full of good deeds. A positive, matter of fact, common sense vibe.

General vibe of Titus: Be a good example.

Factvibe: Titus is last heard of spreading the vibe of Jesus to the people of what is now Croatia.
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