The Vibe of Zacchaeus

Zacchaeus has tiny vibes as he is very small. Probably bullied as a child, there’s no love lost between him and his fellow Jews. It’s no surprise then that he has buddied up to the Roman authorities and collects their taxes for them. It’s a pretty lucrative gig, as tax collectors were known to bend the rules in their favour. Still, when Jesus rides through the town where Zacchaeus lives, Zacchaeus climbs a tree to get a better chance of seeing him. Jesus spots him and announces that, regardless of any other plans either of them have for the day, he is coming to pay a visit to Zacchaeus’ house. Cue outrage from the Jews who see the man Jesus has picked out as treacherous, money grabbing scum. The effect that Jesus’ request has on Zacchaeus is seismic. He is so moved that he turns his back not only on a career that has made him wealthy but offers to pay back anyone he has cheated, to the sum of four times the amount. Life changing, bad guy makes good in the end, fairytale vibes.

General vibe of Zacchaeus: It's never too late.

Factvibe: The sycamore which Zacchaeus famously climbs is actually a variety of fig tree.
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