The Vibe of Zechariah

Zechariah jumps on the same vibe as Haggai and shakes a righteous stick at the tardy Israelites who have been dragging their heels with the Temple rebuilding project. He has a vision for the future and the vibe is good. It’s payback time for Israel’s enemies, God will protect his people, they will return to their homeland with God on their side, the Temple will be rebuilt, evil will be dealt with and vibes of purity will be unleashed. Peace vibes will reign and if everyone behaves and loves the same things that God loves, like justice, peace and truth, God will rescue them. Zechariah sees far into the future and he predicts the life and death of Jesus who he says will be a good shepherd to the people of Israel. The vibe ends with a sting in its tail – God will return with his angels at the end of time and it will be pretty nasty for everyone who isn’t on his side. A feisty vibe with plenty of proof in the pudding.

General vibe of Zechariah: The good guys will win in the end.

Factvibe: Zechariah is one of only three books in the Bible that includes an end of the world vibe. The other two are Daniel and Revelation.