The Vibe of Zephaniah

Some might say that Zephaniah has the vibes of a spoil sport. His suggestion that the Day of the Lord will be the polar opposite of a party isn’t the news everyone wants to hear. But Zephaniah perseveres with his vibe: death and destruction will come to everyone who has made God angry by worshipping other gods, being violent and cheating people out of money. If the people don’t turn away from their ungodly behaviour, God will finish them, just like he will wipe out all the countries that have been brutal to his people. The vibe is that everyone, wherever they are from will be judged. However, there will be survivors, and God will keep them safe and make them rich. In some ways, Zephaniah’s is a decluttering vibe. God will clear out the trash and only keep what he really needs. A heavenly bout of spring cleaning with God in charge of the broom.

General vibe of Zephaniah: Only the good will prosper.

Factvibe: Zephaniah was probably a member of Judah’s royal family.
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